How To Choose Promotional Items

26 Jun

Everyone knows that being in business could be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to you. If your business takes off, there is possibility that you will be able to look after family and friends for generations to come. A company that isn’t so lucky can drain you of time, energy, money, and other opportunities. It’s your responsibility, as the small business owner, to make decisions for the company which will return the most profit for the littlest cost. One of the better ways you can make this happen is to use promotional products and promotional gifts to construct your brand and create lifelong clients.

Promotional merchandise is any item or product that is used in marketing and promotional programs in order to increase awareness of a brand or company. Common promo items include piggy banks, coffee mugs, stress balls, pens, pencils, tote bags, and more. These promo merchandise is branded with the business logo or tagline most of the time. They’re normally given away free through promotional mailings, at corporate functions, or throughout day to day business. The idea is to get something using the company logo that the person would use daily and then find a way to place it in the hands of potential customer.

Popular Promotional Gifts:

USB Flash Drives: People love these and make use of them all the time. Put your logo on them and give them away whenever possible.

Sticky Notes and Notepads: Hand out paper goods that people will use within their daily lives. Make sure your brand name and information is displayed prominently so that it becomes recognizable over time.

Pens and Pencils: Distribute a high quality pen or pencil along with your marketing material. People enjoy utilizing a nice pen over an item that is cheap. You’ll be able to get your logo in front of someone daily if you send them a nice writing instrument.

Thermos: Business owners travel a great deal. Business owners love their tea and coffee. A thermos is a good promo product for travelling company owners that you would enjoy having as a client.

There is a wide variety of promo products that you can use. Almost anything can be used to advertise your business to new business. Make sure to align the right promotional item with various amounts of target clients. As an example, a mug promo can be a perfect marketing piece in the event you just opened up a new coffee shop in the city. However, you may need to improve the quality and luxury of the promo items for high value clients. For instance, you may want to mail out stuff like smart phones or golf equipment if you’re marketing your insurance provider to a client that could potentially be worth millions annually.

The idea would be to be sure that your promo product matches the customer you are chasing. Make a connection between the promo product and the products and services you might be selling. If you’re advertising your plumbing business, then t-shirts, pens, hats, and other corporate apparel are great options. The things themselves should be something which the recipient sees often. This way, they will think about your small business immediately each time a problem arises that requires your help.

There are various ways that you can distribute promo items out to your potential customers. Probably the most common ways is to send them out as part of a marketing campaign. For instance, if you are creating a marketing plan that including twelve mailings, you may want to distribute an advertising product with 1 or 2 of those mailings. A mug and a stress reliever with your logo on it are good options for this. You can include a clever note together with the promo item that lets the potential client know that these items are just one way that your company can make their lives better.

You have to be careful about how much you spend on your promo items, however. These little pieces of swag can negatively impact your bottom line if you don’t decide to purchase them from a company that offers great value. One such company that many people seem to like is Lowe Promotions ( They really go above and beyond to make sure that everything they offer is providing value to the end user. When you visit their site, you will be presented with a lot more than just promotional items. First of all, their products are all competitively priced and are displayed clearly so that you know exactly what you are getting. They have expert’s on-hand to resolve any queries that you may have about your upcoming marketing campaign. Their product selection is very diverse; you can get just about anything that displays your brand logo. In short, a company like Lowe Promotions is the kind of business you want to purchase your corporate items from for your next marketing effort.

Let your creativity guide you when you are deciding where promotional products to use for your upcoming campaign. Take a good close look at who are your target clients, the product you’re selling, the goals of your company, and the interests of your target clients, and everthing else that would provide insight into what would create a good promo item. A really unique bit of swag can burn your logo into someone’s memory forever. When individuals are used to getting all the typical promo items on a regular basis, something unique will stick out in their eyes. If you can figure out what that item is, get it in their hands, and have them use it regularly, then you have a very good chance at making that person your customer.

In case you are searching for some top quality promotional gifts that provide great value, then it is to your advantage to check out Lowe Promotions at


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